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Panda Portable Foldable Ventless Dryer

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This portable ventless Folding clothes dryer safely but gently dries your clothes using a warm air motor that evens out creases and leaves your garments feeling fresh, clean and soft.


Tumble driers can be expensive to run and it's easy to shrink or damage clothes by mistake. This dryer with high performance makes ironing easier minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on your clothes. It is gentle, energy efficient, quiet.


Easy to assemble and use: just simply hang the clothes inside and set the timer dial, and let gentle warm air waves do the rest. It holds up to 22lbs of clothing and is easily packed away for compact storage. There just isn't a more convenient way to enjoy dry clothes when you need them.

Model: PAN82PD

Box Size: 21 * 11 ¼ * 9 ½ inch

Net Weight: 8.5lbs

Rated Voltage: 110-120V

Rated Frequency: 60Hz

Rated Power: 900W

Rated Maximum clothes to be dried: 22lbs

Maximum Drying Time: 180 Minutes

1 year manufacture warranty

Package Content:



Folding Clothes Rack X1

Upper Support Pole X1

Support Pole Connector X1

Lower Support Pole X1

Waterproof Protection Plate X1

Heater X1

Heat Insulated Tube Cover X1

Dryer Legs X3

*The clips on the main picture are not included in the package


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