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Organic Cotton Socks (4-6 yr.)

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100% organic cotton
For 4-6 year old children


Why choose organic cotton?

1. Organic Cotton Is Safer

Conventional cotton is one of the most toxic crops on the planet. It is chock full of nasty chemicals and dyes that can absorb into baby’s skin, and the pesticides used to grow cotton pollute the groundwater and soil that is often shared with our food crops. A few chemicals include benzidine-based “azo dyes” (a dye that is thought to be cancer causing by some scientists), formaldehyde (substance the frogs were kept in during your high school biology classes), perfluorochemicals (under the right conditions, these can break down into a toxic blood contaminant called perfluorooctanoic acid), nonylphenol ethoxylates (they can act as hormone disrupters), and phthalates (children are at significantly higher risk than adults when it comes to phthalate exposure).

2. Organic Cotton is More Comfortable

Organic cotton is not subjected to the same chemical processing and dying that conventional cotton goes through so it retains more of its softness, keeping your children's feet warm with a gentle touch. 


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